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Add an ever modish collection to your Wardrobe – Glossy Georgette

Le 20 septembre 2017, 11:59 dans Mode 0

Who doesn’t like to wear a dress which gives the comfortability along with classy look? The lightweight sheer cloth has created its own kingdom into the fabric industry forever.

Georgette is made of highly twisted yarns which makes it suitable to all weather conditions. It’s merging ability with embroidery; prints and embellishment confer it into most preferable outfit among all available alternatives.

It’s accessible in all weathers & all outfits including Sari, Salwar Suit, lehenga & Kurtis make it most superior fabric among all obtainable possibilities.

Nowadays, an artificial version of georgette is trending fashion market named as “Faux Georgette” which is a hybrid form of polyester, rayon and nylon. Its semi transparent fabric awards a perfect body shape to the lady and adds everlasting charm to her personality.

It’s a multipurpose fabric to which we can use as per our need, if attending a wedding shine with heavily work georgette saree/lehenga, or attending a festival/family gathering walk with gracious salwar suits, or looking for office-going/comfortable outfits picks ever stylish Georgette Kurtis.

If we go in deep for georgette sarees versatility we come to know that georgette sarees are available in different options as like printed georgette saris with embroidery and zardosi work, plain georgette saris and designer party wear georgette saris whereas in case of Salwar Kameez there are possible options of bridal wear georgette suit and birthday wear georgette suit which looks glossy but not gaudy.





How to wear a saree?

Le 20 septembre 2017, 11:56 dans Mode 0

Step 1 - Wrap the saree around the waist

Start tucking saree on the right side of your waist, and wrap it around your body until it comes back to the right side of your body. Gently tuck the saree along the way in the entire edge to give saree a secure fit.The bottom border of the saree should touch the top of your feet, and should look parallel to the floor.

 Step 2 -Pleat the saree

Pleat the saree by folding saree back and forth from the continued edge of the cloth. The multiple time folding of the back and forth is called as box pleating the sarees. After finishing the pleating, the fabric should lay evenly & perpendicular to your body.

 Step 3 - Drape the saree to the Upper body

Pick the saree up from the end that is not coming directly from the tucked portion to fold the remaining saree to make pleats. Start layering the saree back and forth using thumb and fingers to hold the saree in place to make the even folds. The ends of the folds should finish on opposite sides of the pleat. 

Step 4 - Position Pallu over the left shoulder

The folded section should throw over the left shoulder and the end of the saree is called "Pallu". Position the Pallu over left shoulder by pulling up from the front to completely drape the Pallu over the shoulder. The bottom of the Pallu behind shoulder should fall somewhere in between mid calf and lower calf length. Make adjustments to improve the visibility of decorated border.






Wholesale clothing| Find the best wholesale women's apparel online store

Le 25 août 2017, 12:41 dans Mode 0


 We often hear a term "Wholesale" around us and to make this term more familiar among all, I am going to give an overview of wholesale and its benefits. The wholesale term relates to a firm or person who buys goods in large quantity from different producers & vendors and sells these goods to retailers at low prices.

Wholesale is booming in Indian clothing market by distributing a diverse range of color and size options in different categories like Saree, Salwar suit, Kurti, etc. The wholesale market makes it possible to grab an outfit from small size to extra large size with the availability of same design and fabric of the cloth.

The best benefit of purchasing goods from wholesalers is - It will save significant money and will help you to make more money with every next day. By purchasing goods from a wholesaler in bulk, you can reduce the cost of the overall product. Wholesale helps you to create and propagate your own brand by putting the outer umbrella of packing of your brand. Wholesale also gives you the flexibility to choose the products as per market demand.


Wholesale is boosting the clothing market because of Ecommerce marketing platform which provide you online stores of wholesale products where you can choose the product as per your feasible time-slot and price range.

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